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7 Days. 7 Photos.

Posted in News on January 8th, 2012

I’ve heard all kinds of chat about documenting a year by taking one photo a day. I like this idea – it encourages you to look more at stuff. But the downside is that committing to anything every day for a whole year could just end up being annoying, like most resolutions. And especially in a leap year – that extra day in February might just tip me over the edge. So, in order to take part and reap the rewards without the commitment, I’m just going to cheat. Whenever I feel the need I’ll post 7 photos. Just 7 photos from that week. I won’t commit beyond that. Well, we’ll see how we go…

This week I was mostly in Barcelona. Prospero Año Nuevo! x

2 things looked back at me.

The roof at Grand Hotel Central. Christmassy.

24Kilates Mini Shoes

1/6 Scale shoe display in 24Kilates.

Coffee Mountain

Coffee Mountain.

Best Scissor Display In The World

Probably the best display of scissors in the entire wide world.

Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia can have my eyes for days, one picture isn’t enough.

Tennis ball gum

They look like tennis balls, but it’s gum. Ha!

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