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Not Bad For a Girl, London

Not Bad For a Girl® (N.B.F.G.) was founded by Karen Jane in 2006, London England. It is a brand, a creative project, a platform for collaboration, a collection of rambling thoughts and a cocky wink at the patriarchy.

Not Bad For a Girl – there, I said it. Proudly. And with a wink thrown in for good measure.

From my childhood of hanging out with way too many boys, ‘Not Bad For a Girl’ was dished out as a certain kind of awkward compliment – but a compliment all the same. So, because my parents taught me good manners my attitude was, ‘thank you, I’ll have that’. Positivity in the face of adversity, I thought.

When I started to go out in the world and find my feet, I still wanted to be treated like ‘one of the guys’, to get along, to have the same options that were open and unlimited. I studied here, did a bit of that there. I was a self-employed designer with a love for typography, photography, rare rap 12inches and crisp trainers. (Yep, I’m calling them trainers, but you might know them as ‘sneakers’, ‘kicks’ or ‘crepes’.) Point being that I felt like an anomaly in an industry that was boy-heavy. This is why one of the first things I did was put ‘Not Bad For a Girl’ on a business card – 50% tongue in cheek and 50% pure provocation.

From there it wasn’t long before this badge of honour ended up on a shirt. The full line, and brand quickly followed – all aided by a loyal circle of friends and affiliates from London to worldwide. Throughout it all the intention remains the same – to celebrate female skills in all their guises.

NBFG Editions & Roll-Sleeve Print
Not Bad for a Girl produces short run Editions, which are released individually. This means we don’t stick to traditional retail seasons, but roll out releases on a project by project basis as they are created. Not Bad For a Girl shirts are loose fit and feature the NBFG Sleeve-Roll print, unique to the brand.