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Don’t look back

Posted in News on August 4th, 2013


In the middle of last year I started working on a little zine of NBFG stuff. I wanted to pull together some of my favourite things from the label and make a portfolio project – a minor retrospective if you will. #99things

As it turned out, it’s actually pretty satisfying to pull together a body of work and see it in one place. But these things inevitably take time – especially if you are sifting through 4/5 years worth of bits and bobs. And so here we are a year later – the little zine that started it’s life as a humble 12 pager, is now a 108 stitch-bound bad boy, celebrating ’99 Things’ Not Bad For a Girl.


The edition will be produced as a run of 99. Featuring 99 things – designs, stickers, tee’s, shoot images, press – you get the idea. Created for the love, for N.B.F.G. contributors, friends and family. You know who you are… Thanks for the help yo!


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